Graffiti Removal Service

The Choke Folk Specialist graffiti removal and prevention services are the most effective solution for removing unsightly graffiti in the Scotland. Our trained and certificated graffiti removal teams are proficient in the use of all the latest jetter equipment and specialist graffiti cleaning materials.

You can rely on us to take care of all your graffiti cleaning and prevention needs.

  • Fully Certified Graffiti Removal Team
  • Innovative Graffiti Prevention
  • No Damage to Surface
  • All Products Biodegradable

How we Remove Graffiti

We are now able to remove all graffiti from all surfaces with no damage to the surface or the environment. The system is gentle, using the chemical and low pressure hot water rinsing method which is extremely effective on all types of brickwork, concrete, stone & masonry, paving, tarmac.

Part of the system is wipe on – wipe off, this enables us to remove graffiti from sensitive surfaces including reflective road signs, perspex, glass and even painted surfaces without damaging the original paintwork. Spray paint, permanent markers & felt pen are all removed with ease.


Why Use The Choke Folk

Low Cost

A pipe or drain can easily become blocked by every day use and abuse! A build up of dirt, debris and foreign objects can quickly gather in a pipe, blocking the flow to or from your services and causing disruption to your home or business. We recognise how important it is to get blockages cleared quickly and at a time that suits you.

Free No Obligation Quote!

Take 2 minutes and request a free, no obligation, quote right now. Our expert staff will help you select the most cost effective and efficient solution for your problem and guide you through every step of the repair process.

Discounts Available for a wide range of customers

We offer discounts for senior citizens, registered disabled, charities and students. Please contact us to see if you apply for our discount service.

Fixed Rates no Job too Small

With specialist equipment we can often quickly and effectively unblock drains of any size at very competitive rates.
Fixed price quotations clearly define our costs with no hidden extras.

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