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The cleaning and clearing of drain pipes and sewers is by no means an exact science. The techniques used are often a combination of old and new, from simple cane rods to sophisticated radio controlled high pressure, high flow rate, water pumps.

We use a range of Electro Mechanical tools, which are often used to clean pipes and drains in various situations. This equipment is portable and is usually applied to jobs where there are minor blockages or when high pressure jetting is not appropriate. This may be especially relevant in home, factory, office or high rise buildings.

Employing a full range of Electro Mechanical solutions, assists us in our goal delivering fast and efficient solutions to blockages which minimise the disruption , damage to the fabric of your property and unhygienic conditions – often a factor in many drainage related incidents.

Electro Mechanical Applications

  • Comercial Kitchens
  • High rise buildings
  • Pubs Clubs and Hotels
  • Public and Historic buildings


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Respecting Your Time & Home

We know your time and home is important to you so you can trust our jetting and plumbers to work in a tidy efficient manner to reduce unwanted inconvenience.

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We offer discounts for senior citizens, registered disabled, charities and students. Please contact us to see if you apply for our discount service.

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With specialist equipment we can often quickly and effectively unblock drains of any size at very competitive rates.
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